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Trust Accounting 101 Online: Enrollment Guide


Click HERE. This will take you to the new website for OhioCourtEDU. If you have ever completed a course in OhioCourtEDU, select “LOGIN TO ACCOUNT”. If you do not have an account, click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”. Follow the instructions to login and access your dashboard.



Once you are in OhioCourtEDU, you can search for the course via the Catalog button or the magnifying glass/search bar at the top of the site. Search for the course titled “Trust Accounting 101.”



To begin the course, select the “Enroll” button, then you are able to click “Launch” to start the course. 



You must complete the mandatory course evaluation after you complete the online module to receive your completion certificate and CLE credit. At the end of the online module, click the Exit button. At the right of the screen, the course evaluation will be listed as the next course task in the menu. Select the course evaluation, answer the questions, then click Submit.



After completing the course evaluation, you will want to return to the learner dashboard. Next, select the My Transcript button. Select the Certificates heading near the top of the page or scroll down to that section of the page.

Locate the “Trust Accounting 101” course within the certificate list and select Download at right. Your certificate will open in a new browser tab. If you don't see a new window with your certificate, allow pop-ups. You can now save or print your certificate.

We will report your CLE credit to the appropriate office. Please be advised that reporting will take place monthly, so your CLE record may not reflect your completion of this course for 30-45 days post-completion.

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